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Family Photography

Terms of Service

Your non-refundable deposit, of $100 is due at the time of booking to secure your date.
No dates are 100% secure until retainer has been cleared into account.

Jaime gets bookings months in advance, and only takes on limited bookings per week. This is to allow her to move sessions due to a baby’s birth changing, and to allow time for the editing of your images.
It is paramount to book as soon as you have a due date. If your baby has already been born, it’s never too late to inquire, and Jaime will do the very best to try accommodating your needs where available.

There is no extra charge for moving a session date once, if you have given Jaime 7 days’ notice! However, if it is under 7 days, or you must cancel at last minute, a $100 reschedule fee will apply to secure the next booking.
Last minute cancellations will incur your session fee as payment for Jaime’s time allocated for you. If your next session date that has been booked, is again needed to be rescheduled, an additional $100 payment will be due to secure the next session date!
Therefore, every time you need to reschedule your session date, the additional $100 will be required. No refunds will apply to cancelled sessions, no matter the situation!
No refunds will apply to pre-purchased gift vouchers under any circumstances. Due to the custom nature of photography, strictly no refunds on either your session deposit, or your photography product order will be issued. This includes any prepayment of any funds that occur before the booked session itself. If you need to reschedule for reasons of sickness, the price quoted at the time of booking will be honored for 6 months only. After this time any pricing increase will be applicable. If you need to cancel your session before 7 days from the session and do not book in a future date, you will have a credit for funds paid, however any price changes will apply immediately.
If any promotions arise where we are offering a discounted rate, this shall not apply to current booked sessions, or sessions that have been prepaid. Offers may not be used in conjunction with other offers. Offers are not redeemable for cash or products. The price of sessions or offers can change as Jaime feels fit. 
If you have purchased a voucher and don't use it within the time frame stated, usually 6months or 12months, and the session totals rises, it is your responsibility to pay the remainder amount. The amount you have already paid will come off the total of final invoice. 
Any promotional specials will only be available during the times mentioned. Jaime does offer multiple promotions a year, so to stay in the loop for her next promotion message her directly!

Please treat your booking as you would any specialist appointment. Please arrive on time for your session, arriving late will see that time taken off the session allocation, we must finish our session within the allocated time.
Be considerate and let Jaime know if you are running late, we understand traffic and road works are a major issue right now.

If you have decided to forfeit your session, please show some courtesy, and tell Jaime ahead of time. As a mother too, Jaime’s time is also precious just as much as yours! Spending endless amounts of energy trying to make sure your session is magical and full of love!
Images are not to be used for commercial use unless permission has been given from Jaime in written consent.
Through your client questionnaire or by message/ email, please advise Jaime if there are any family members that have any special needs/ circumstances or allergies.
Jaime reserves the right to refuse any photography product and service, to anyone at any time.
Clients that attend their session in a disorderly state, drunk or high, or show disrespect to Jaime and photography equipment or car, will result in cancellation of the session immediately. No refund will be issued as per the cancellation terms.

Photography Products! When an order has been placed, the total cost is final. Under no circumstances can a refund be made. Invoices created for products are final. There is no cooling off period for orders placed. Working alongside Brilliant Prints, who are based in Brisbane, they offer fast service and incredible prints, products, and many other items! By choosing your desired products and placing your order, Jaime considers that you understand your client agreement of purchase, and that you have made the right decision both from a styling and financial point.
It is not Jaime’s obligation to question your financial decisions at the time that you place your order and made payment. Entering into a payment plan you also understand the above, and any monies not paid in the outlined time frame will be immediately forwarded to a third-party collection agency and you would also be liable for any additional fees associated with collecting funds outstanding.
Final images. 
Jaime always tries her best to accommodate everyone's requests,
​but will not take any responsibility if the "taste" of final images aren't enough. 
Some images may be deliberately "out of focus" as photography is an art form. 
Jaime photographs a certain way to her taste, as she is the photographer. 
Jaime takes no responsibility for someone having a dirty face, someone isn't smiling or has their eyes closed.
Dirty clothing or shoes are also not Jaime's problem. 
Do not ask for something to be photo-shopped, unless your happy to pay extra!! 
No refunds will be given just because you don't like something, again,
Jaime's time and cost of business is greater then the prices she charges!! 


By booking a session with Jaime at Jaime Lee Photography, you agree to the terms & conditions of service.

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